Learn how to Scare Seagulls away with Sounds in Ontario

Man learns to make Seagull Sounds while being trapped on an Ontario island with hundreds of seagulls. He tells a great story but the sound he makes is at 35 seconds for anyone wanting to be amazed! Watch video to hear him make the most realistic seagull sound that he says that if you learn can make them go away if their ever bother you. Learn how to make more bird sounds with your hands!

CLAY POT with TEA LIGHTS Room Heating | 4HR DIY Test

Over 3 Million views on this video that shows if tea lights can heat a room with this clay pot technique well know to boating and nautical people.

This video is about testing if a CLAY POT using TEA LIGHTS will heat a room. I find out the truth after 4hrs. I start just after 6pm and end up seeing how it is at around 10pm. Buy a CLAYPOT HEAT with tealights here on Amazon! Double-Walled Tea Light Oven Ceramic Radiator Heat Tea Light Stove Candle Heater for up to 4-6 Tealight Fireplace Tealight Grandaco Tea Light Oven Ceramic radiator, Multifunctional Flower Pot Candle Heater Tealight Oven for Formal Events, Wedding, Church, Holiday hhttps://amzn.to/3thShl1 I tried to make it convection based but the second pot kept putting the tea lights out. I might have to try different sized pots, but the one did just fine! Learn more about Convective heat here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convecti… Clay pot and four tea lights work extremely well for half a day heating of a room about 15 feet by feet!