Emergency Survival Books

Emergency Disaster Survival BOOKS. "Preparation is Your Key to Survival!" 

The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide belongs on the bookshelf of every prepper and survivalist. It perfectly combines traditional medicine, natural remedies, and common sense to keep you and your loved ones healthy and alive when hospitals aren’t a viable option. I can’t recommend it enough!” —Jim Cobb, SurvivalWeekly.com, author of Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide

“Preparation for a time when Western medical care is not available—such as during a ‘collapse’—is vital for survival. Dr. Joseph and Amy Alton give practical guidance to prepare nonmedical persons and equip them to care for their loved ones during a long-term survival situation. You will feel confident to handle the most common medical situations encountered during a disaster with The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for any Disaster.” —Dr. Scott A. Johnson, author of The Doctor’s Guide to Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails

Never take emergency preparedness lightly, especially when your and others' safety (perhaps children's) is at risk.

In today’s unpredictable world, we cannot know when or where we may face an emergency or disaster.

We do know, however, that we can reduce risk by working out emergency plans and practising how to respond safely to emergencies.

Our team has prepared this Do It Yourself EmergPrep Disaster Survival Guide, to help you review the key issues, and prepare a customized survival plan for your unique situation, whether its for your home, your cottage, your office or car. We provide details on the supplies you need to survive for at the first 72 hours.

Emergency Preparedness Now … Preparation is Your Key to Survival, provides Emergency Preparedness Services and Supplies for all kinds of emergencies and disasters, including hurricane, storms(snow,rain,ice), earthquakes, pandemics, providing expert advice on the how to prepare for the eventual emergencies that happen to us all, whether in your home, office or car, we all need to plan and prepare.

Get Started Now with our Emergency Preparedness Disaster Survival Guide, a guide to get started planning for Survival, including a risk assessment, personal emergency plan preparation, and selection the perfect set of supplies for your situation. Remember … Preparation is Your Key to Survival!

We offer a full service package, including stocking and re-supply of perishables on a scheduled basis (as recommended 6, 12, 18 month cycle), so when you need them,  you’ll have what you need.

Consider Getting Started Now with our Executive Emergency Preparedness Package, a complete system, starting with a detailed risk assessment, personal emergency plan preparation, and selection the perfect set of supplies for your situation. Remember … Preparation is Your Key to Survival!.

Executive Emergency Survival Safety Preparedness Package Includes:

- A detailed Risk Assessment of your situation and circumstances
- A Custom Emergency Preparedness / Survival Plan with consultation
- A Suitable Emergency Preparedness Safety Survival System for you

You can be confident we will look after every detail for you, whether it’s car kits, pet kits, cottage/chalet kits, we look after all of the details, selection, stocking, re-stocking and supplies.

Emerg Prep Now –  You Deserve the Best!