Winter Survival Car Safety Kit

Winter Survival ( Emergency Road Preparedness) Car Safety Kit

When the season changes, and winter comes, you need to be prepared.

Local emergency crews as well as military personnel spent Tuesday rescuing hundreds of people who got stuck a snow-swept highway in Southern Ontario. It is always good to learn from other peoples mistakes/mishaps, and prepare yourself for winter’s wrath.

A winter survival car safety, emergency road kit for your car is a must, and here are a handful of recommended items to make the journey safer.

1)  Keep your car fueled up.  Try to keep it above a half tank if possible.
2) Check your car to make sure all liquids (especially anti-freeze and wiper fluid) are topped off.  The tires should also be at their recommended pressure.
3) Keep some warm clothes or blankets in case you get stuck somewhere overnight.  It can get cold in the car and layering will help you stay warm and preserve your remaining fuel until you can be rescued.  All the more reason to keep the car fueled as well to make the heat last as long as possible.  Make sure you keep the tailpipe clear of snow.
4) Keep enough non-perishable snacks and water in the car to last you at least a day.  Insulate the water to keep it from freezing easily.  Plastic water bottles are best because they can expand (to a degree) as water freezes.
5) An ice scraper, a snow brush and a snow shovel.

5) Buy a Winter Survival, Emergency Road, Car Safety Kit, which can include first aid kit, battery-jumpers, flashlight, etc. Our Emergency Road Preparedness Now Car Safety Kit is now Only $79.95 and makes an excellent Christmas or Anytime Gift for your Loved Ones.

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